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Welcome to CLTS Foundation

Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) is an innovative approach for empowering communities to completely eliminate open defecation and to begin the journey towards a sustained improvement in public health.

CLTS focuses on igniting a change in collective hygiene behaviour, which is achieved through a process of community-wide action stimulated by facilitators from within or outside the community. It involves no hardware subsidy and does not prescribe latrine models.

Dr. Kamal Kar pioneered CLTS in Bangladesh in 1999.  Since then it has been implemented in more than 51 countries across the globe. It has been incorporated in the National Sanitation Strategy of at least 18 countries of which 14 are in Africa and the rest in Asia.

The CLTS Foundation works through an international team of professionals, practitioners, researchers and policy experts to build capacity and influence policy for enhancing access to sanitation through CLTS.
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Hand Washing Techniques 

CLTS Foundation proposes the following Hand Washing technique approved by WHO, for a hygienic way of living.



CLTS implemented in 54 countries

Check out our Gallery to explore all the latest and past CLTS training,workshops and conferences across the globe.

CLTS Training of Trainer's Guide in English VersionCase Study – CLTS experience in Guli PU – Plan Sudan

CLTS is spreading fast in many countries in different regions. The demand for facilitators and trainers of facilitators far exceeds the supply of trainers who have got what it takes and who are able to devote their time and energy to training. This is even more serious because CLTS triggering in communities is unlike any other facilitation. It needs a special style, interaction and beh

Case Study – CLTS experience in Guli PU – Plan Sudan

We used to look over our shoulders every now and then like someone avoiding the police” said Batool from Um Ukaz village describing their “journey “to defecate in the open, “now if our latrine collapse a hundred times we will keep rebuilding it because it made a great difference in our life”. How this change did come about? Invited by Plan Sudan, Dr. Kamal Kar who developed a new ap


learning from the failure can we still make a difference?

Dr. Kamal Kar, Chairman, CLTS Foundation, Kolkata, India

36th WEDC Conference on ‘Delivering Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services in an uncertain environment.

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Southern Africa Regional Workshop on Community Led Total Sanitation
The workshop is hosted by Government of Namibia in collaboration with UNICEF regional and Namibia country offices and CLTS Foundation. Over seventy five participants from government, UNICEF, NGOs and the CLTS Foundation will spend three days developing a
Workshop at Windhoek, Namibia
The first orientation workshop on CLTS for the BLNS countries in Africa kick-started from 1st of April 2014, organized by Government of Namibia, UNICEF ESRO and US Aid Southern Africa jointly with CLTS Foundation.
REPORT FROM BENIN: Implementing the new National Strategy for Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion
In 2013 the Ministry of Health finalized a National Strategy for Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion, which identifies CLTS as the main approach for improving rural sanitation in the country.
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