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The vision of the CLTS Foundation is to make the world safer through universal sanitation. We strive to achieve this through building capacity, providing technical support, and influencing national sanitation policies of countries and strategies towards greater local empowerment for enhancing access to sanitation, i.e. Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS).

Our areas of excellence are:

  • Providing technical support in the field of sanitation, livelihood and environmental sustainability.
  • Developing partnerships with development institutions engaged in sustainable development through community empowerment.
  • Documenting, sharing and promoting local innovations, community involvement and other livelihood issues.
  • Networking to establish linkages between CLTS Foundation and other institutes engaged in varied community development initiatives
  • Producing print and electronic materials basic and fundamental to understanding CLTS.
  • Publishing latest updates, blogs, views by practitioners of CLTS and Global Sanitation, by authors and experts on CLTS Foundation’s website and social media platforms. The views expressed by the authors, practitioners and experts which are published on the website of CLTS Foundation are completely of their own. Those doesn’t reflect the views of CLTS Foundation.