vissionCLTS Foundation strives to create a world free from open defecation through collective behaviour change by empowered local communities through capacity building, providing technical support and influencing national strategies and policies of the countries.





mission Our mission is to unleash the hidden potentials and capabilities of local communities to solve their own problems and take charge of their lives. We use sanitation as an entry point for improving their livelihoods and standard of living as a whole.

We aim to make a difference to the lives of millions of people by enhancing access to safe sanitation through strong and nuanced policy and programmes along with a vibrant and informed civil society to promote CLTS on the ground .

We take a holistic approach to development and livelihoods of poor communities by channelling the collective energy triggered by the CLTS approach.

We draw on existing skills and develop champions at different levels (both human and institutional) in countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America to internalize and mainstream nationwide scaling up of CLTS for the benefit of millions.

We aspire to achieve an open defecation free world.