Village to Nation

The book “From Village to Nation- The complete guide to Community Led Total Sanitation” draws on the updates from the first “Handbook on CLTS” that was co-authored by Dr.Kamal Kar (2008) and moves forward. Slated to be published by Practical Action, UK, the book will not only discuss the conventional elements of CLTS- Triggering and Post-triggering processes but will also address scaling-up from a few ODF villages. Therefore, it can be said that, all the four distinctly important phases of CLTS implementation have been emphasized in this book, along with mechanisms for scaling up and sustainability.

Another addition which has been incorporated in the book focuses on post-ODF activities: “Sustaining ODF Status”. This adds a distinct phase to the CLTS cycle, which now has four parts – pre-triggering, triggering, post triggering follow-up and post-ODF activities.

The book is being designed keeping in mind a wide range of users of CLTS, starting from the field level facilitators to the high-level policy and decision makers, whose coordinated and concerted efforts are crucial for the realisation of the SDG goals of an ODF world by 2030.

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