Updates from World Water Week 2014

CLTS Foundation team members  along with other sanitation actors meet with Secretary of Department of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation, Government Of India Mr. Pankaj Jain at World Water Week in Stockholm to brainstorm on a clear roadmap for sustainable sanitation policy in India

Members from the Foundation mobilised key actors working in sanitation in india to discuss a clear roadmap for future sanitation policy in India.



CLTS Foundation members along with representatives frm WSSCC, UNICEF and WaterAid met with the Secretary General of Government Of India Mr. Pankaj Jain and made recommendations that could be incorporated into the policy that the government is currently evolving and plans to announce on 2nd of October. The different actors came together to advocate for collective behavioural change to be the central focus in ending open defecation rather than toilet construction that has formed the focus in earlier national sanitation policies.



** news updated on 4th September 2014 **

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