Timor-Leste: National Level CLTS training workshop kicks off at Maliana


A national level training workshop kicked off on 23rd March, 2015 at the Edifisio Alfandega (Customs Office), Maliana, Bobonaro, Timor-Leste. The workshop commenced with welcome addresses by Mr Adriano Bere, Director, Water Supply Systems, GoTL, Mr  Roger Guinnery, Programme Director, BESIK, Mr Carlitos Correia, National Director of Public Health Promotion, Mr Raimunds da Costa, Representative of the Executive Director, INS (National Institute of Health), Mr Domingos Martins, District Administrator, Bobonaro and Dr Kamal Kar, Chairman, CLTS Foundation.



A 4-member team from CLTS Foundation is facilitating this workshop. In the next five days participants will have gained knowledge about CLTS approach, principles and methodology; developed facilitation skills so as to trigger communities, along with pre and post triggering activities, follow-up for sustainability and will have developed a road map of ODF Bobonaro district with clear roles and responsibility of stakeholders involved.

The participants of this workshop come from various organizations and institutions, such as Ministry of Health, Government of Timor-Leste, National Institute of Health, BESIK, UNICEF, Plan, WaterAid, Child Fund, ADRA, World Vision, and other local NGOS.

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