A national urban sanitation workshop on

A national urban sanitation workshop on ” Towards Universal Urban Sanitation, Smaller Cities” a priority area for policy focus would be held on 28th October in Delhi, organized by the Centre for Policy Research and supported by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.There are two CLTS presentations in the workshop. Prof Shantanu Jha speaks on ODF through CLTS; Experiences from Kalyani Municipality. Mr. Deepak Sanan, senior advisor of CLTS Foundation, would speak on “Insights from CLTS”. He would be bringing out the need to focus on the city as a collective and find the triggers (through intensive situation analysis) for the city to realize the need for and engage in participative action to achieve sanitation outcomes. The conventional tendency in urban is similar to rural- the need is seen as infrastructure creation, technology and financing. The reasons for poor connectivity and usage, ill maintained facilites, etc. are seldom located in the absence of a collective consciousness that favours a priority for safe sanitation.

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