KIRIWATSAN I Team along with the CLTS trained facilitators have completed triggering in North Tarawa Abaiang, Abemama, Marakie, Kuria and Aranuka, Nounoti and Maiana islands of Kiribati.

I am Teetita.  My father’s name is Tawaa My mother’s name is Kioubu. I live in Temotu village of Marakei island, Kiribati. I am married and have seven children, 2 daughters and 5 Sons.  We are poor and our children didn’t study much most of them completed primary school. My husband is a per time fisherman and doing other work like collecting coconut from island other children also helping him.
After getting married we are living in this village and I have seen almost all the villagers using the beach and the bush for open defecation. My house is also close to the beach all my children including myself were using the beach. We have never used toilets before. We thought using beach is safe because sea water cleans the areas we use for defecations. Thanks to KIRIWATSAN team for the training which myself and my husband participated and we have learned and realize the harmfulness about the open defecation. After the training we realized that we have been eating each other’s “Tebutai“ and resulted many disease.  We also understand that many times many children died in diarrhoea and never new this is due to open defecation. Now we realize that it was due to open defecation and our ignorance. We also understand that open defection is like spreading poisonous to our health and mostly to our children.
After the training next day my husband and one child made the toilet at north corner of my house, now my toilet is completed. We all are using the toilets and washing hands after defecation .We are also using ash after using the toilet and hand washing. Our toilet inside also clean and we have no problem using it whatever time it is. We never knew such simple way we can built the toilet. We have not spent any money for this only our work.
“ I feel secured to use the Toilet including for my children when they want to defecate in the night, I have also a teenage daughter I was very worried for her using beach and bush. She is very happy that we have built this toilet. She is safe now.   I have told my children to use the toilet all the time when they need and they are using it. My house environment also very clean I and my husband are so happy now”.
Her daughter also mentioned “ I am using the toilets right from the day it is built, earlier I had to  wait for sun set to defecate at the bush. I was using the defecating area close to my house as I was very worried. I clean the toilet and house environment everyday. Our toilet is good and clean”
 All the village people after the training discussed and agreed to make toilets by their own and I heard our village will be soon a clean village no one will use beach for open defecation.
Courtesy: Gabriel Rozario,Project Manager, UNICEF Kiribati.

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