Hands-on training of trainer’s national workshop on CLTS in Dili,Timor Leste

Dr Kamal Kar and Sisir Pradhan of CLTS Foundation Kolkata visited Dili, Timor Leste and spent two weeks to facilitate two ‘hands-on’ training of trainer’s national workshops on CLTS in late November and early December. Apart from running the workshops, Dr. Kar called on to S.E. Fernando La Sama de Araújo, Deputy Prime Minister  and Coordinator of Social Affairs, Timor Leste, which was attended by S.E. Elias Moniz, Secretary of State, Government of Timor Leste, Alex Grumbly, Country Representative for WaterAid in Timor-Leste. In the meeting, Dr. Kar discussed the power of the CLTS approach in transforming collective hygiene behaviour practice of local communities, evolutionary tales of spread and scaling up of CLTS across 54 countries across the world and the huge potential of Timor Leste in improving its sanitation profile rapidly using CLTS approach. He also informed the Honorable Deputy PM on the 6 days hands on training of trainer’s workshop in held Dili during the last week of November, where more than fifty sanitation professionals from different organisations including government ministries, INGOs, NGOs and District Public Health Officers had participated. He also narrated the experiences of community Natural Leaders from across different districts who gave sensational presentationsof their initiative to make their respective villages ODF in the next 2-3 months. Many vowedto making Timor Lesteas one of the ODF nations in the region. The Deputy Prime Minister was very delighted to learn about the capacity building workshop and appreciated the role of Government of Timor Leste, AusAid, UNICEF and WaterAid in introduction and scaling up of CLTS in the country. The Deputy Prime Minister also requested the State Secretary to organise an inter-ministerial workshop to discuss the modalities of involving all the major ministries in the national campaign of transforming the country as an ODF nation in Jan, 2014. He also expressed his interest in inviting Dr. Kar and the CLTS Foundation team to help facilitate the workshop.

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