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CLTS Foundation works closely with its associates and practitioners of CLTS in different countries. It is, therefore, well placed to perform the role of an institutional actor that bridges the gaps left by the left by the sporadic efforts of the various development actors who have taken up CLTS in the last decade. We are trying to create a common platform for the global practitioners, policy makers and others of sanitation to interact easily with other practitioners. The practice of CLTS is evolving and developing fast in different ways around the world and it would be easy for you to contribute and get connected with others.

CLTS Foundation organizes events such as Hands-on training workshops, International, Regional and National conferences/seminars/workshops all over the world. We involve people on short term consultancy in such workshop/seminar/conference. If you are interested write in this email-

Very soon CLTS Foundation will be launching webinars for CLTS practitioners and policy and decision makers to interact directly on specific issues of interest around CLTS.