Dignitaries from Government of Kiribati visits the ODF communities in the country

CLTS approach was introduced in Kiribati during February-March 2013 by the joint initiatives from Government of Kiribati & UNICEF Kiribati. Following this, Dr. Kamal Kar from CLTS Foundation was invited for an advocacy and capacity building mission during February-March 2013 in the island nation. Within the last eleven months, Kiribati made a significant & momentous progress in enhancing sanitation coverage using CLTS. One of the main reasons behind such magnificent advancement in the country was the strong political will and determination of the National leadership to make the country ODF,at the earliest possible time.

His Excellency, Mr. Anote Tong ,the President of Kiribati, extended full support of the Government, after being impressed to see the power of local communities to transform their village into ODF.

Today, the Government of Kiribati together with UNICEF along with other actors of sanitation could transform and declare seven islands as ODF, out of the thirty –three islands of the nation, spread in the Pacific. The Government deploys special chartered planes to bring the facilitators, trainers and dignitaries to ODF communities at the time of their celebration. One such trip was led by  the Hon. Mr Waysang Kumkee, Minister of Public Works and Utilities and Hon. Ms.Tangariki Reete, Minister of Women, Youth and Social Affairs. Ms.Norton Kathy ,OIC of  Australian High Commission,Kiribati, was also a part of the team of visitors. These visits are conducted to further encourage the local communities’ progress towards healthy living and a better tomorrow.

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