CLTS Foundation to convene ‘A Ministerial dialogue on CLTS/ATPC/SANTOLIC: Strategies to accelerate sustainable practices for the SDGs ‘

Venue: Room C05/C06 ,  The King Fahd Palace Hotel, Dakar, Senegal

Date: Tuesday, the 26th of May, 2015

Time: 11:20 hrs to 13:00 hrs

Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS), an approach that has since the early 2000, globally transformed the focus of sanitation policy and practice from toilet construction to the processes of collective behaviour change, was first introduced in the African continent in the year 2007. Today more than 35 countries in Africa have rolled out CLTS to strategically achieve their national sanitation targets, with at least 20 countries adopting the CLTS approach as its national sanitation policy strategy. CLTS experiences have shown that the practice of implementation, institutionalisation and scaling up of CLTS varies among countries depending on specific socio-political contexts, institutional challenges and funding mechanisms; thereby influencing the outcome and impact of country interventions. With this, it has become clear that unique and innovative strategies need to be developed to implement and scale up CLTS in each country context.

The objective of the CLTS Ministerial Dialogue at AfricaSan4 is to create a platform for post-MDG dialogue on sanitation involving key ministers and decision-makers from different African countries to engage in country experiences of CLTS in the last decade and pave the way forward for strategic policy and practice during the SDGs. The session will bring together a high-level panel of ministers and key decision-makers from different African countries to engage in discussions on CLTS experiences namely focusing on country policy processes, successes factors and challenges of implementing and scaling up CLTS in their respective countries.

The discussions at this session will revolve around the following key questions: What has been the progress in CLTS implementation strategies to meet sanitation goals since the MDGs? What are the key factors and themes that have emerged from CLTS experiences in different countries? What have been some of the key learnings from these experiences? How can we apply these learnings for addressing sanitation challenges in the SDG era and pave the way forward for scaling up CLTS with quality as we enter the era of the SDGs?

CLTS Foundation is convening this session in collaboration with WSSCC and UNICEF.

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