CLTS experts join Government of Ghana to achieve MDG 7 on Sanitation

A 5 strong team of the CLTS Foundation are currently in Ghana (16 May to 6 June 2013) supporting UNICEF and the Government of Ghana to ramp up CLTS implementation in order to achieve the MDG 7 on Sanitation. Currently sanitation stands at around 15% and the target is 55% by 2015. A radical effort will be required to push for this goal. CLTS Foundation are providing support over  1 year to 5 regions in order to make it achievable.

During the first two day in country we have met with key national level stakeholders. One of these has been the Sports Minister Hon Elvis Afriye-Ankrah who is a champion of CLTS since meeting Dr Kamal Kar on his previous visit in 2011 when he was a deputy regional minister. In his new role he has committed to find ways to promote CLTS through sport, for example through the upcoming National Unity Games (10 sports) and Presidents Cup (football). The Minister is pictured here with the CLTS Foundation Team (Dr Kamal Kar, Sisir Pradahn, Ravi Shankar and Katherine Pasteur) and Duncan David (Chief of WASH) and Loretta Roberts of UNICEF.

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