• Madagascar: L’esprit CLTS partout même en post-­ODF pour la pérennisation

    14413535764363ffd607Le programme FAA, qui compte actuellement plus de 10000 villages ODF (décembre 2014) est en plein chantier pour les activités de pérennisation entrant… Source: FAA, Madagascar more

  • CLTS Champion: Benedict Emori from conflict affected Abi, Nigeria

    1426141950a6e4ff6dcdBenedict Emori is a CLTS champion from Abi Local Government Area (LGA), located in Nigeria’s south-eastern Cross River State, who is participating in the ‘Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion in Nigeria’ (RUSHPIN) programme – implemented by Concern Universal and funded by the Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) and the Nigerian government. Since 2012, several communities, including Benedict’s, have been embroiled in intermittent land disputes. After taking part in a training workshop by Dr Kamal Kar and the CLTS Foundation, Benedict was inspired to take action to help other conflict affected communities eliminate open defecation: “When I came back, I encouraged other Natural Leaders like myself to form a group of community consultants to support neighbouring communities become ODF and dig latrines for disadvantage households.” more

  • Khunti and Lohardaga lead the ODF movement in Jharkhand, India

    1419944477d2a1e4c62aCommunity-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) was introduced in Jharkhand in November 2012 through a pilot project in four districts namely Khunti, Lohardaga, Ranchi and Ramgarh. This began as an initiative of the Sate Water and Sanitation Mission (SWSM), Government of Jharkhand, following a CLTS orientation meeting with Dr. Kamal Kar from the CLTS Foundation in Ranchi earlier that year. A CLTS task force at the state level was also formed to spearhead the implementation as part of this initiative. By December 2012, just a month after the introduction of the pilot project, 15 villages in these districts became ODF through the application of CLTS methodology. Communities initially started constructing temporary household toilets, and over the next six months, they improved their facilities, thereby moving up the sanitation ladder. During April-May 2013, the Task Force was further expanded to institute a 10-15 members team in each of the four districts, and all the selected local facilitators and some members from the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI) were trained at the five days’ CLTS Training of Trainers programs held in each district. more

  • The role of media in expanding the ODF movement:A case story from Madagascar​

    14176841915758bffe24A NGO implementing CLTS in Madagascar, ADEMA, has partnered with a local radio station to devote two programmes a week focused exclusively on sanitation. One of the villages, had learned about ODF techniques through this radio program……. more


    141768343931e9149f7eTeresiah Wambui Kabusa proudly shows off her toilet to us when we make a visit to her community in the Naivasha sub-county in Kenya. We notice that her manually-built pit toilet is enhanced with a raised platform and set skilfully with wooden planks for comfortable seating. Teresiah’s toilet is one of its kind in the community ​- it is equipped with accessories such as hanging ropes and handles to make sitting down and getting up easier; and made to certain specifications of height and space to suit her special needs. As Teresiah progresses to narrate her story, we discover that her journey towards stopping the practice of open defecation was not an individual one but that shared and made possible by the entire community. more