Building grassroots constituencies for CLTS scale-up: Experiences from Ghana

Dr Kamal Kar and his team are currently in Ghana providing follow-up support to the Government of Ghana for the implementation of CLTS, which is now the central approach in the country’s national sanitation strategy. Over the past five months, CLTS Foundation Global has worked with various communities in Ghana, mobilising them for collective action and sustained behaviour change with the aim of becoming ODF. The purpose of the current visit is to integrate the on-going efforts of the communities, government, international agencies such as UNICEF and various NGOs in order to strengthen and scale-up CLTS interventions in Ghana.

During this two weeks’ visit, the team has been to several districts in the North, Central, Upper West, Upper East and Volta regions of the country and have been working closely with the various stakeholders to find innovative ways to scale up CLTS initiatives in these communities. Current strategies developed by the team involve bringing together regional and district level Environmental health and sanitation officers, elected assembly members of the respective electoral areas and ‘Natural Leaders’ from various communities, to form groups at the grassroots level and work towards making the regions ODF.

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