Achham Summit,Nepal

According to Nepal’s goal to achieve universal coverage of household toilet by 2017, the water, sanitation and hygiene promotion program have been started in Achham district of the Far Western Region (FWR) of Nepal. There are a total of 75 Village Development Committees (VDCs), 13 Ilakas, and 2 constitutional Assembly in Achham district.According to base line information of Achham, there was only 6.33% toilet coverage at household level in 2006. Achham summit, on the background of broader sanitation prospectus not only in Achham district but wholly in Far-western region of the nation, was inaugurated on December 2012, with the motto ” To declare Achham Open Defecation Free (ODF) within April 2013 and support Achham district’s aim to provide all fundamental drinking water facility by 2014″. The summit continued for two days.Out of total 48,351 households in 75 VDCs of Achham, a total of 49,604 households toilets built in total and 3500 toilet built after Achham Summit, of which 1048 households have share toilets.The current sanitation campaigns in Achham have led physical coverage of constructing toilets for declaring ODF which is a good achievement at this stage to pull mindset of people and WASH stakeholders towards coverage but the major behavioral parts, which is a core thing for reducing waterborne diseases haven’t been widely sensitized during this process.

Courtesy: B.B.Thapa,Executive Director,SEBAC-Nepal

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