CLTS Training of Trainer’s Guide – English

CLTS is spreading fast in many countries in different regions. The demand for facilitators and trainers of facilitators far exceeds the supply of trainers who have got what it takes and who are able to devote their time and energy to training. This is even more serious because CLTS triggering in communities is unlike any other facilitation. It needs a special style, interaction and behaviour on the part of the trainers. I must stress very strongly that training has to be hands-on through actual triggering in communities in real time, leading to the emergence of ODF villages and communities. The test of trainers and training is then not numbers trained but numbers able to facilitate effectively themselves. Only when they can do that can they train others. And a key indicator of good hands-on training is that communities are ignited and take immediate action together, with follow-up resulting in fairly quick emergence of ODF villages.

Download the full book here. CLTS Trainers’ Training Guide – Kamal Kar

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